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Life finally got a bit better around here. I found Toph. And as soon as I did it felt as if some of the dust-cover and fog cleared. Not a lot, but just enough for me to no longer feel as claustrophobic as I did. Part of me was so glad when I saw her, I didn't care whether or not Katara or Aang or Suki were around.

Is that weird?


I mean, I am supposed to be Suki's ever-fearless boyfriend, right?

I don't think I can do that. I can't take care of a girl who needs no one. Especially when I fear falling asleep as much as I do.

I should have done what my heartstrings told me to do in the first place and hold close what I had all along instead of searching endlessly for the phantom of something I knew could never be.

I've been far too stubborn. God damn me! And now not only might it be too late, but Suki ... What do I do if she's still around, here. somewhere?

What will I do ...?
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So I'm in the freakin' HOSPITAL.

Yeah, tell me about it. How useless do I feel? Katara and Toph and Aang could be out there somewhere, and I'm in here. With some sort of concussion or something. I don't remember what the pretty lady said.

... At least, I think she was pretty. I don't really remember. That double vision made things pretty much impossible, forever.

But still ... Damn it, if Katara is out there and hurt or something, or Toph, or Aang, I don't know what I'd do with myself.

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Okay this is WEIRD.

Wasn't I just with that girl. ... Um, who's name I don't remember? This sucks. This so sucks. I don't understannnddddd oh my gooodddddd.

I was just with that girl. So. What the heck am I doing in this random alley? With a... dude ... over there ... who looks eated by a dog. Or something.

I'm gonna go throw up.

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idk my bff random alley
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Yup. I'm back. So if anyone feels like rping directly with me ... gimme a jab. >>

Edit :: That means my RP aim will be on all the time from now on. If anyone needs it, that'd be " x Surround Me x ". :)

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[ OOC: So I know this has been put off for a really really really long time, but I'm having serious life issues now and I haven't had much time for anything but work, school, and my troubles, which are quite a few. I apologise for the wait ... It'll never happen again. ><; ]

Somehow, I don't know exactly how, I ended up back in my room. As usual, the phone lines don't work ... the windows are sealed. ... the door is chained ... But the hole is gone. I really have no way out again. Even the hole that I used to check on Eileen with is gone. My windows are fogged and i can't see through them no matter how much I try to clean them, and the peephole in my door is beyond help, too.

My head hurts... I should sit down. ...

So tired... Maybe I should just close my eyes for a while...? It's been a while since I got a decent sleep ...

What ... the hell ...
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Okay, I believe I have woken up quite a bit now...

My headaches have stopped, and I don't wind up in random places anymore. I think I've retained my person as much as anyone can here in this world.

I can't help but wonder why Vincent got all sparkly...

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Hiatus, that is. I'm back, and WITH A VENGEANCE!
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The Music Man - Rock Island
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I'm going on hiatus for a while. I've been so busy that I can't do much of anything for any roleplay I'm in.

I'm going to do my very best to make sure I do my sh_alternate_rp, though.

I'm sorry, guys. >

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